Chris Aldous
Honorary life member

Chris Born 1928

Became vegetarian in 1957. Gave up milk and its products in 1980 after discovering it was the main cause of all my heavy colds. Became fully vegan 4 or 5 years later (a slow learner).

1963 Founded Vegfam together with wife Janet.

Retired from comprehensive school teaching in 1984 at age 56 when there were no longer any classes in the week that I looked forward to receiving.

1988 Returned and renounced my Arts BA to the O.U. and my B.Ed to Lancs. Univ. as a protest against their complicity in vivisection, and so became a 'graduwas'. Feel immensely honoured that S.E.S. conferred upon me life membership - that's worth more than a hood and gown to me because I'm part of a great moral crusade.

1997/8 Won the Vegetarian Society's Vegetas award for support and campaigning, but resigned from the Society soon afterwards on account of its undue reliance on dairy foods, and my regret that its absurd inclusion of them in its definition of 'vegetarian' has become standard.

Thoroughly enjoying my retirement from teaching, and have a busy life tending our 2 acre park-like garden. I am currently a member of sixteen animal rights/vegan national groups, and pick and choose which campaigns/demos. to actively support on the basis of likely cost-effectiveness.

Basically religious, but no longer support any institutional church as most are steeped in fundamentalist or otherwise untenable doctrine, and are stony ground (to use their own parable) as far as animal rights are concerned.

In 2003 I celebrate 40 years of happy marriage to Janet.