Samantha Covington
Treasurer & OUSA Conference Delegate

Sam and Cats After qualifying as an MAAT I decided life was too dull without study and decided to brush off my rusty French 'O' level and embarked upon a diploma, taking L120 in 2001. I also did LXR122, (the stand alone 10 point French course in Caen), which I loved and then spent the winter learning about computing with TU170, and I brushed up my learning skills with Y002 Living Arts in the summer of 2002. I'm now doing L211 (Level 2 French).

I'm ex-WRAF, ex-double glazing salesperson, ex-nanny, ex-a-lot-of-things but I have been the accounts department with the same company for many years now, where I am known as the Company Rottweiler and according to our Website my favourite phrase is "Don't mess with me darling, or I'll send the boys round"!

Call me one of the "Fluffy Bunny Brigade" if you must, but I passionately believe that we must stop abusing animals for our own ends, and that medical science is being held back by the use of animals in experiments and research into the human condition. It is misleading and wasteful, cruel and unnecessary, and it's high time it was stopped.

I live with The Very Reverend Malcolm and his sister Tiggie who I have had since they were kittens, (if you roll your mouse over my mug-shot you'll see them) and I enjoy my garden, red wine, (white wine and rosé), music (not jazz), and spending time with my daughter and my two grand-daughters whom I adore.

I can't sing but I do! I love travelling on trains - particularly in France, and driving, particularly on my own so that I can sing.

London, June 2003